Broadoak Cider has been commercially brewing since 1984, But before that was done by a very keen home cider maker And influenced by the best in the business,

Stuart Alcott, who was a big part of Coate’s Cider Company of Nailsea in Somerset and Jeff Williams who was an expert in apple production.

Jeff was the founder of “scrumpy jack” Cider, from their association they became friends and mentors to Broadoak Cider.

The Broadoak Cider maker wishes to let you know they use the best varieties of apples to create their special taste of ciders from the Somerset and Herefordshire counties and they only buy the best apples from the best
apple agents in the country.

The Mobile Cider Man and the Broadoak Cider maker have joint ventures In going forward to improve sales and availability to wholesalers and retailers.

Across the UK and I myself am so pleased to be a part of this great venture, And on a more personal note to you all,I have never been a great cider drinker, and I only sell what I do believe in.

So when I first tasted the Broadoak Cider’s I was smitten straight away.

And on a more personal note to you all, I have never been a great cider drinker and to drink the top commercial branded ciders put me off of drinking ciders altogether.

Until I tasted Broadoak Cider with their original flat ciders, they have converted me and everyone else I have introduced the Broadoak ciders too.

Now that is a statement worth writing about!!!